Romantic Getaway at Red River Gorge

Red River Gorge is one of our favorite getaway places within 1-2 hours of Cincinnati.

On a normal year, you can find us at the Gorge about once a month. Our kids have come to know and love many of the hikes and adventures in the area. We haven’t tackled rock climbing at Red River Gorge yet but probably will as our kids get a little older.

But why are we talking about camping? And why Red River Gorge? We believe that keeping the romance and sense of play alive in your marriage is just as important after you’re married as it is while you are dating. It’s easy to get bogged down in married life with jobs, kids, and everything else that comes along. For us, the Gorge has given us a place to go, to play, to be away from the city, to turn off our phones and enjoy being with one another.

Our absolute favorite cabin to stay at if we’re going on a romantic getaway trip is the Flying Squirrel Tree House from Red River Gorge Cabin Co.

Our 2nd favorite is Peregrine, also from Red River Gorge Cabin Co.

Both are private off the grid cabins in the middle of lots of land surrounded by even more national forest. They take a short hike through the national forest to get to, and they are so worth it!

If Peregrine and the Flying Squirrel are booked, AirBNB has lots of great choices too. Check them out, text us if you need some ideas or great hikes to check out while you’re there, or tag us (@thesmythcollective) in your photos if you take a trip down to the Gorge.

Happy Glamping!

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