Meet Becky & Daniel Smyth!

When we got married in 2007, our only regret is that we didn’t hire a wedding photographer. (Well, that and the fact that we didn’t pick a reception spot with A/C!) We had a few friends bring their cameras and thought that would be good enough. Our photos are fine, they are enough to help us remember what happened, but they don’t fully capture US. They’re ok, and we love them because it’s what we have but we’d love to go back in time and do it over again.

We want more for you! You want to love your story, to love your photos and appreciate them years from now when you’re sharing stories with your grandkids gathered around. You will want your memories hung forever where you can see them to remember your beautiful day!

We’re more than just your wedding photographers.

We’re your personal assistant, pack mule, wedding planner, storytellers, friend who’ll tell you if you have spinach between your teeth, confidant, dress zipper-upper, director, and cat herders…

We bring loads of experience and wisdom we’ve gathered over the last 17 years to help you through the haze of wedding planning, orchestrating a thousand details, and pulling off a really complicated party.

Your day is about You, and capturing exactly who you are as a couple and what you’re dreaming of on your wedding day! The best way to do that is to make sure that you’re relaxed and feel like yourself.

When you look back on your photos, we want you to remember every hug, every tear, every glance from your partner, and everything in between!

Let’s make some memories!

Already know you want us on your team?

How Can We Help?

We’ve got 20 years of photography and event producing experience to help you plan your perfect day. We’d love to hear your dreams, and help turn them into reality.

We’ll capture every detail, catch you looking stunning, and make sure things run smoothly so that you have plenty of time to breathe and enjoy the day as it happens.

Why Wedding Photography?

We deeply value marriage and family and we love getting to help our couples start their marriage off with great memories and the photos to prove it! Over the years of our own marriage, we’ve seen that our love for one another has grown as we grow more in love with Jesus. We want our couples (you!) to know and experience that same degree of love as you begin your life together.

How We Got Started:

We started as Daniel Smyth Photography in 2006. Daniel has photographed tons of creative entrepreneurs, regional businesses, magazine covers, and everything in-between, locally and internationally.

Becky has shot film since 1995 and knows how to tell exactly what a couple needs at every moment. She loves helping people feel comfortable no matter is going on.

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The Smyth Collective is Becky & Daniel Smyth, a husband & wife photography team! We love helping with a simple plan for your wedding day so that you end up with the best memories to hold onto for the next 50 years. We offer classic wedding photography as well as elopements. micro weddings, and vow renewals. We’re wedding photographers in Cincinnati. We also love weddings in Dayton, Indianapolis, Lexington, and Red River Gorge.