Finding ideas for a date night at home is easier than you think, but if you try to do it on the spur of the moment, you might get stuck scrolling Netflix for 45 minutes before you actually pick something!

Date nights at home are great because they’re simple to plan, easy on your wallet, and they can help break up a routine of just going to a restaurant or bar. We came up with a few of our favorites that work whether you’re dating, newly married, or married with kids.

Recreate Your First Date Night (At Home)

Do you remember where you went? What you ate? What she wore? What his hair looked like? Were you out with friends (don’t include them this time)? Did you hit a fancy restaurant and try to impress? Or was this a casual meetup at your favorite coffee shop?

Whatever you did, and however long ago it was, try to recreate your date at home. It will take you back in time and bring back all of those awesome memories of how you got here.

Oh yea, remember the awkward parts? You can skip those if you want.

Watch A Classic Movie

Pick something from the American Film Institute’s Top 100 American Films of All Time that you’ve never seen before, or even start working your way through the entire list. You’ll probably find a few new date night favorites.

Don’t forget your favorite movie snacks.

Eat Take Out By Candlelight

Maybe you’re not a gourmet chef, but anybody can pull off a Lady and the Tramp date night. Pick up your favorite takeout meal. Get out your real silverware, and some new candlesticks. Turn on some of your favorite music and enjoy your night together without the clatter of restaurant dishes. Don’t forget some after-dinner mints.

Family History

Share some favorite family stories. Talk about your siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. What do you love about your grandparents? Do you know any older family history? Do you have any ancestors who are famous for something? You might be surprised at how fun this can be.

Have a Game Night

Take turns playing a few of your favorite games. Maybe you really love strategy games, or maybe you’re a card game person. Either way, try one of each other’s favorite games and see what you like doing. Not a board game person? Try a video game or a puzzle. There’s truly something for everyone these days.

Power Outage Date

Do you remember what it was like before the internet? Probably not! But give it a shot for a couple of hours. Turn off your lights, phones, internet, everything but the fridge.

Cook on the grill, by the firepit, or make something raw. Or just eat ice cream!

Enjoy a real conversation. If you get stuck (we doubt you will), grab some conversation starters like the Ungame, or Would You Rather.

Do everything by candlelight and have a great time.

Take a Virtual Tour of Somewhere You’ve Always Wanted to Go

Pick a place like:
The Louvre
The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
The J. Paul Getty Museum
The British Museum
India’s National Museum
The Smithsonian

Find some new favorite artists, explore a culture you’ve never seen before, and start building some items for your next date idea!

Create a Travel Bucket List

Where have you always wanted to go? What kind of food do you absolutely love and want to surround yourself with? Is there a mountain that you’ve always wanted to climb? Or a piece of history that you’ve always wanted to see?

Make a list and figure out what matches up between you and your partner.

Bonus points if you make a plan to start saving money and actually go!

Create Your Own Food or Drink Tasting

Tons of restaurants offer beer, wine, and appetizer flights. Why not make your own?

Have you and your partner each come up with one that you want to try, gather your supplies ahead of time and give it a go!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:
Chocolate (Maverick is our favorite Cincinnati chocolate)
Root Beer (We’ve done this and it’s totally worth it!)
Cheeses! (The Rhined can help you out if you need some Cincinnati cheese ideas)
Global snack foods (you’ll have to head to Jungle Jim’s for this one)

Make Your Own Scavenger Hunt

Come up with your own scavenger hunt. Write out a bunch of clues, the more mysterious, the better. Don’t design this for a 5-year-old. You want to make your partner work for it. Hide your clues around the house and let your partner go hunting. Just don’t forget the prize at the end.

Once they finish, they get to hide the clues for your scavenger hunt.

Over to you! What are some of the best ideas you have for an at home date night? What have you tried that was awesome? Share your ideas and stories in the comments below!

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